The Devil’s New Muse

by Casey Barrett

Ryan Lochte on cover of Vogue… Joins elite company of all-time bachelors

How’s this for a relay of ladies men? Leading off, Mr. George Clooney; next up, some ugly guy named Richard Gere; taking the third spot, the ever humble Lebron James; and swimming the anchor leg… it’s none other than Ryan Lochte. There you have it: the only four men ever to grace the cover of Vogue.

As Casanova coronations go, this is a pretty ridiculous crew. The Lochte cover hits newsstands this week. Take a look at it right HERE. Flanked by gorgeous goalie, Hope Solo, on the left, and Serena Williams on the right, Lochte is now front and center on the fashion bible. As they said about Bogart, Sinatra, Bond, and of course, Austin Powers: Women want him, men want to be him. Not bad for a swimmer with just one individual Olympic gold to his name. So far, at least…

Vogue’s supreme ruler /editor (and alleged Prada-wearing Devil) Anna Wintour has long had a thing for ultra-fit athletes. For years, her male muse has been Roger Federer. But Federer’s always been the faithful married gent, the unflappable family man who could get any lady out there, but would rather chill out in private with Mirka and his girls. Lochte and his fellow Vogue coverboys are clearly cut from a different clothe.

Perhaps you’ve heard stories?

I might have heard a few, but why spread dirty details that I can’t substantiate? That would be gossip, and that’s more fun in bars than blogs.

Late night tales aside, this is big news for the entire sport. A swimmer on the cover of Vogue, joining a trio of absolute icons.

Damn right.